10 Holiday Gift Ideas for 14 Year olds

It’s that time of year again, which is hard to believe.  I have been spending the last few days going through some gift ideas.  I am basing it on my kids ages as I know the things that my children like for their ages.  I’m hoping that this little guide might be helpful for other parents as well.  Let me know if you think this is helpful, as I will be putting out another 3 for different ages.

1.Hooami Aromatherapy Pendant           

where: Amazon

Price: $15.49


This is really cute, they have many different designs. It comes with different coloured felt  pieces that you can put into the locket. You put a couple drops of essential oil onto the felt and than your child can smell it during the day. I used peppermint in Maddy’s because she was getting headaches. It is a very nice quality necklace, I was really impressed and Maddy loves it.

2.  My Hero Academia Hoodie

where: Amazon

Price: $30.99


This link will take you to all the different designs. My 14 year old and most of her friends are obsessed with My Hero Academia. Maddy is usually an XS and I ordered a Medium in this, it fits her perfectly, so definitely size up. The quality is really good

3. For the art lover- Professional Alcoholic Markers

Where: Amazon

Price: $56.97


These were also a gift for Maddy for her birthday, I got the 60 colors.  These are very vibrant and look great on sketches.

4.Luminman Smart Lightbulb

where: Amazon

Price: $17.99


5.Military dog tag necklace “To my Son”

Where: Amazon

Price: $13.64


My son would love this, I haven’t ordered it so I’m not sure how the quality is. However it is really sweet. Just a little reminder to your little man, how much you love them.

6.Q&A A day for me; A 3 year Journal for Teens

Where: Amazon

Price: $19.95


The reviews on this book are great! I know I like going back and reading my old journals. I think this would be really cool for teens because they can use it for 3 years.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser, Gift Set

Where: Sage

Price: $100


This is a great gift idea, the diffuser is great and I love that it comes with a oils. All of my kids love their diffusers.

8. Fancii Facial brush cleanser

Where: Amazon

Price: $38.99


I have a Clarisonic and I love it, I feel like this would be a great gift for that teen in your life.

9. Try not to laugh challenge- Would you rather?

Where: Amazon

Price: $7.84


Kids are obsessed with this game right now! If it’s an Eww edition, you know for sure it will be a hit.

10. Loopy Cases- Phone cases

where: Loopy Cases (website)

Price: $39.99



I just purchased this case for myself! I cannot rave enough about it, truly amazing. It makes it so much easier to reach your entire screen, less drops and the styles are great. the little rubber loop is comfortable on your finger and doesn’t get caught on anything. They have the cases for apple, android etc.


I hope you guys find this helpful when buying your gifts! feel free to comment on any other holiday gift guides you would like to see this month. Have a great long weekend!

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