Insane Inflatable 5K

If you are a fitness fanatic like me, then you will look at anything you can do to incorporate your kids into your workouts.  I love it when I have the chance to share what I love with my kids.  This weekend myself, Hailey and Aiden, joined a bunch of friends and their kids and did a super fun 5k run.

The kids were so excited for this race; they knew about it in advance. They had started looking up videos on you tube and kept saying which ones they were most looking forward to.  The insane inflatable is literally a bunch of inflatable obstacles. Think about those big bouncy castles you used to love to jump in as a kid and times it by 10. These inflatables are huge and have even bigger slides, as well as obstacles you have to get through.

The best part of this run was all the smiles on everyone’s face and the constant laughter heard through out the entire 5k. We even went back and kept doing obstacles if they were really fun. The kids had a blast pushing all the adults down the slides when they least expected it.  The most amazing part, was just watching everyone have so much fun.  No one was stressed out or worried about what needed to get done.  Hailey and Aiden were laughing with each other, coming up with a different way to go down the slide each time.

This is what life is all about! All these little moments of enjoying the people close to you. Living to the fullest in the moments, and for that short period. Not having a care in the world except laughing.  What an amazing time! My kids were so excited at the end to receive a medal. It was Aiden’s first one and he was literally beaming.  He is already asking when the next run will be. Fitness is tough, especially when you have kids. It’s all about making the time for it, if you get the chance to have your children join you.  Do it, they will love getting to share your passion with you. As well as build some lifelong memories.  Don’t forget the super funny videos and pictures you will get out of it.