A tip on becoming truly grateful.

It is already 2020, I feel like time has flown by. Almost like everything from 2017 to now is a huge blur, because it just went so fast.  This year I am taking time to really focus on myself and family.  Bettering myself as a wife, mom, friend and daughter.  I want to enjoy life, really enjoy it.  I don’t want to be stressed out with the kids all the time.  I’ve changed my eating habits, now eating super healthy and Keto. I’ve started working out again and heading to the gym. But my main focus, is how I feel inside.  I watch The Secret a lot, I believe it.  I honestly think that what you put out into the universe is what comes back to you.  So I watch The secret every time I do cardio.  It constantly puts it into my brain.

In The Secret, it says if you are having problems in any relationships.  To write down for 30 days what you find grateful about that person.  My thought was my kids, we always have some kind of issues going on.  Obviously I love them more than anything, it is so easy to get stuck in the negative. When they are getting in trouble, that’s what you start to see and focus on. It becomes a vicious cycle, of only pointing out the bad things they do.  I had no clue I was even doing this, until I took a step back and really looked at myself.  I started thinking, maybe it’s me and not my kids.

So I went to Costco and purchased a set of 3 journals. That night I started writing down 5 things for each person in my house that I am grateful for. I did this everyday for 30 days, I would wake up, get my coffee and sit down to write. I won’t lie, the first few days I struggled with it a little bit at first, coming up with 5 grateful things for each person,  By the third day it was nothing. I thought of 10 things for each person.  I also noticed that I stopped getting mad at them as much as I normally do.

Everyday I was looking at them and thinking of everything that made me grateful for them. It also changed the kids, especially Aiden. Their behaviours got better, they listened better, everything just started to feel brighter and happier. I also started to notice the negativity in the kids.  To which I started telling them to focus on the positive side of things.  It opened my eyes to so many things I had never even noticed before. I became truly grateful, for everything. It is hard work, you have to stick to it everyday, wow, what a change.  It’s like seeing life through someone else’s eyes. I 100% recommend trying this.

Find the change you need for yourself, see if it helps with the kids.  Teach your kids positivity! I had no idea how negative my children were being about daily things.  When I hear it now, I always say they have so much to be grateful for.  That something positive can always be found somewhere.

They learn everything from us, including our negativity. The way we look at life, let’s start them off on a positive path. The change you will see is amazing. I’m finding beauty in everyday, where normally, I would never see it. It truly is all around us.

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