About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to Being me, loving you. A lifestyle blog full of love, fitness, and of course the many topics of parenting.

My name is Jen and my husband and I have a very full house! We live in Coquitlam, BC. We have a blended family or step family, as it can also be called. We have been together for over 8 years, my husband has two children from a previous marriage. Maddy is about to turn 13 and Aiden is 11. My daughter Hailey from a previous relationship, she is also 11. My husband and I have two children together, Sophia who is 6 and August who is a month old. We have the children with us full time, things are busy. We never seem to have a dull moment around here. We also have a plethora of animals; Tj our 4 year old English bulldog, Bowser our 7 month old English bulldog.
Two cats named Maximus and Shadow. As well as two bearded dragons and a leopard gecko. Hailey also has a gerbil and Sophia has fish. Like I said, it’s a full house.

I have been wanting to create a blog for two years, when it comes to the kids. I am always doing some kind of craft or DIY item for them. I also love sharing parenting tips and little things here and there. I am and always have been very big into fitness. It is a huge part of my life. I love sharing laughs with my kids, they are my world. Seeing them smile, keeps me going.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you find some useful information or even just a little laugh on my mishaps. They happen a lot!! Your support is appreciated! Feel free to comment, say hi or even let me know of a topic you would like to see on here! Have a lovely day

xo Jen