10 Holiday Gift Ideas for 12 Year olds

I’m trying to stay on top of all these gift guides for everyone.  However, August has been making things a little challenging lately.  He is super grouchy and just wants me non stop.  I saw last night that all of his bottom teeth are now poking through the gums.  I’m hoping this is why he has been so cranky lately. I am so excited for this Christmas, August will be able to actually open his gifts and enjoy all the festivities. We are taking him and Sophia on the Polar Express train this year. I’m not sure, but I may be a little more excited than them.  Well onto the gift guide, hope this is helpful for you.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

1.Fortnite Monopoly

Where: Amazon

Price: $18.67


Kids love monopoly and given how many kids love Fortnite, I think this will give many hours of fun. Plus the best part, it’s gets them off electronics.

2. Just between us: Mother- Daughter Journal

Where: Amazon

Price: $21.35


This seems like it would be really cool to do with your daughter. A keep sake to always look back on and making memories while you fill it out together. I would use this as a stocking stuffer.

3. Led Light Strip

Where: Amazon

Price: 16.4ft $29.99 37.8ft $42.99


These are really cool, technically all my kids are asking for them.  I love that they can be controlled from a smart phone.

4. Electronic Shooting Target (Nerf Guns)

Where: Amazon

Price: $39.99


My boy is obsessed with Nerf Guns, somehow they always manage to become confiscated.  I feel that this would be great, as it gives them something to do with the Nerf Gun. So hopefully there’s no targeting siblings.

5. Karaoke Machine with 2 mics

Where: Mastermind Toys

Price: $89.99 right now 20% off


My kids love their karaoke machine, it often turns into nights where the whole family sings and dance. Awesome way to make memories with your kiddos. Also right now for the next 4 days Mastermind Toys has 20% off a purchase of $50 or more.

6. Gravitrax

Where: Mastermind Toys

Price: $79.99


I love finding toys that make kids use their imagination and gets them off electronics.  In this one the marbles appear to defy gravity. The kids get to build it themselves, which will keep them busy for a while.

7. Lego Technic- Compact Crawler Crane

Where: Mastermind Toys

Price: $139.99


My son loves the Lego Technic, it keeps him entertained forever. Once he finally finishes he is so proud of himself and than spends more time playing with it.  He also gets his sisters involved in helping build it.

8. Kano Coding Kit

Where: Mastermind Toys

Price: $99.99


They have 3 different coding kits, Frozen, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Kids get to code, learn and play. It teaches them how to code to make their characters and a game.

9. Alexa Echo Dot or Google Mini Home

Where: Amazon (Alexa Echo Dot) Best Buy (Google)

Best Buy-Google Mini Home

Price: Alexa $69.99 Google $49.99

These are amazing, my kids each have one in their rooms. They listen to music at night, set their alarm clocks on it.  They will ask questions when they get stuck on homework. We have the Alexa, I can’t comment on the Google as we don’t have them. A few friends have mentioned that they don’t like Google Home and are wanting to switch to Alexa.

10. Nintendo Switch

Where: Amazon

Price: $399.96


I’ve linked this to Amazon, it is also available at Walmart for the same price. However, anytime I can get something on Amazon I do. I love the switch, it has tons of age appropriate games for the kids, it is interactive. My kids love Just Dance and are always having competitions.  This is the one electronic, I don’t mind them playing on.

I will have a few more Holiday posts coming out so stay tuned! If you would like to see something else, feel free to comment!

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