Covid Birthday Parties

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great week so far! Yay for Friday tomorrow! Although I feel that ever since Covid started, there really is no difference between during the week and the weekend. Is it just me or does it feel as though all the days just roll into one? This year has been so different for everyone on the planet. While things are crazy and difficult, I’m doing my best at home to try and keep things somewhat normal.

I feel for my kids, for all kids right now. They have been thrown into a world that they don’t understand. My teens are all having issues right now and missing everyone. All of our children are missing out on so many things that none of us have ever had to go through. So while all of this is going on and we can’t have “parties” for birthdays. I have done my best to give them an exceptional day regardless of covid.

I ask them what theme they want, get them a cake done by the best cake lady!! Cuppycakes by Julie. She nails it every time, my kids are always so happy when they get their cakes. It means so much seeing their smiles during these times.

I spend the night before or the morning of their birthday decorating with their theme of choice. I also get a few big foil balloons and their age balloons. I put them on either side of the table that’s fully decorated. I also get their favourite items for breakfast. Aiden was fresh sourdough bread from Cobs and cinnamon buns. Hailey I got her the fruit filled danishes because she loves those. For Tim I made bacon, eggs and toast. Sophia we made pancakes with chocolate chips and fruit, can’t forget the whip cream. For August I had croissants, fresh fruit and yogurt.

I put all of their presents out on the table, any big gifts are sitting in front of the table. When they get up and come down they are so excited to see everything set up. We allow them to open all their presents if they want to. Than we have breakfast together, I will usually head out and pick up their cake. We spend the day hanging out, I set up a few social distance visits. For each of them I had a friend or two come by and they stayed 6ft apart outside. This was huge for them, having some kind of interaction with friends.

We allow them to choose wherever they want to order from and we get Skip the Dishes to deliver it. We have dinner and then we sing happy birthday and do cake. We usually FaceTime family so they can sing and see the cake. We just make the day all about them! No chores for the birthday person, just a day of fun and relaxing. This year Sophia said “Mom, this was the best birthday I ever had.” If they are happy and smiling on their day, that’s all I want. At a time of uncertainty, I just want something for my kids to be happy about. Plus party set ups, it’s just my thing. I love doing it!

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