Glam Glow Bubblesheet Review


If you are looking for a mask that will leave your face feeling super smooth, along with a beautiful glow.  Then you will want to try this mask!

I got it in my Fab Fit Fun fall box, It is called Bubblesheet, an oxygenating deep cleansing mask.  It is so simple and quick, you just open the package, unfold it and apply to your face. It will detox the skin and remove makeup, bubbles start to form and it starts to tingle a little bit.  Within 1 minute of having the mask on your face, thick white bubbles form. You keep it on for 3 minutes.  Once I took the mask off, I rubbed the remaining amount into my face and then rinsed.  My face looked amazing, It was bright and glowing, it felt super smooth and I just felt refreshed.

It says to use this weekly, I will be ordering more and applying one every week.  The benefits are fantastic.  I highly recommend giving one of these a try, you won’t regret it!

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