Spectra S1 Plus Breast Pump

I know my baby posts aren’t for everyone! I promise I will get some more posts out this week that are not baby related!  This one is for all my mama friends and anyone who is looking for a breast pump.

First here is a little bit about the company Spectra, once you read it, I think you will understand how they have such an amazing pump.  Spectra is owned and operated by a team of moms, registered nurses and lactation consultants.  They are certified by the International Board of Lactation consultants. They also use natural nursing technology which mimics as closely as possible the experience of natural breastfeeding. The spectra breast pump has also won 8 different awards a few being “Babylist Best”, “The Bump”, best of baby awards and Mom’s Choice Awards.

The S1 Plus is an amazing breast pump, throughout the years with Hailey and Sophia I tried all different kinds.  However, this one is the most amazing, It is my new best friend and I honestly would not survive without it.  The biggest thing is how affordable it is, I honestly thought you couldn’t get an electric pump for under $500.  I paid $159 USD for this, I had it shipped to our house in Malibu, I just brought it back on the plane.

The unit itself is pretty light weight, it only weighs 2.9lbs.  I love that you can get it In pink or blue.  I of course got blue because I knew I was having a little boy.  I love that this has a night-light on it, I sometimes pump super early in the morning, or in the night when August is sleeping.  I don’t have to get up to turn on a light, I just touch the button and it lights up quite a bit.  It has two different light settings.  I find the second one a little too bright when I am sitting next to him. The unit is super quiet when pumping,  It runs at 45 decibels. It also has a charging cord, I have only charged the unit twice since I’ve started using it back in August.  I love that once it is charged it is portable! When we were In LA, I would bring it in the car and while hubby was driving I would pump. It makes life so much easier, when you can take your pump and not have to find an outlet.

It has a wide range of settings, as well as a massage mode.  Every time I  pump I push the massage button, which simulates the natural suckling of baby.  Once my milk starts to flow I switch it back to pumping and put it to level 5.  The pump has 10 levels of adjustable suction, as well as 5 different cycles to choose from.  It also has an auto timer with display.  Every thing about this pump is designed to make things easier for you.  It also has 2 year warranty on the pump and 90 days on the accessories. I am so happy with this pump, even happier that I decided to go with this one. If you are in the process of looking for a pump, I highly suggest checking out Spectrababyusa.com.  You will not be disappointed!  I’ve included a few photos so you can see what it looks like at night as well as see the accessories that come with the pump.

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