Favourite Skin products for Pregnancy

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted.  Things have been so incredibly busy lately. Yay for summer and a bit of a break in the kids schedule, however I am still as busy as ever! I am in full nesting mode and going through the house room by room and organizing and cleaning. As well as setting everything up in baby’s room and getting my page long to do list done!

I do have something that I am super excited about and have been wanting to share for quite a while. One thing in pregnancy that everyone loves to do is to keep themselves moisturized and help with stretch marks.  I have been using the Scrubee from Lush, it is an in shower moisturizer. you wash yourself and then rub this Scrubee all over your skin and then rinse off in the water.  That’s it, all there is to it. Once you dry off your skin is so soft and smells amazing. It literally melts into your skin and exfoliates at the same time.  It has Fair trade Organic Cocoa butter and it also has coconut husk, which is the part that exfoliates your skin.  The best part about this product is that it lasts all day long. I will shower in the morning and when I’m getting ready for bed at night I can still feel it and smell it on my skin.  I’ve been using this for over a year and I have never had any dry skin on my legs or anywhere else.  Usually in winter my legs get super dry and look like alligator skin, not anymore thanks to Scrubee. Trust me and try this product, you will be thanking me!!! It is just that amazing.

My second favourite product which I have just been using for about a month is by Biotherm and it’s called Body Refirming and  stretching Oil.  I put this on my stomach, thighs and hips once a day.  I also use it on my legs and it makes them look so nice 🙂 Even with the incredible swelling I have been getting in the hot water.   It is an oil but it doesn’t leave an oily feeling on your skin. Your body just absorbs it and your skin feels soft.  It doesn’t get on your clothes or make a mess, which I love.  The smell is also really nice as well, but it’s a soft scent.  So far I have no new stretch marks and this is the biggest I’ve ever been in any pregnancy.

My stomach around 6 months was getting super itchy. To the point where no creams or anything helped. My friend got me the Biotherm oil and I used it that night. I have not gotten itchy once since I have been using it, it really is amazing stuff.  What did you use during pregnancy? Any hidden gems that I don’t know about??

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