Timberline Ranch- Mother, Daughter camp.

Hello everyone, I hope all you wonderful mama’s had an amazing Mothers Day and a great long weekend.  I find myself having a hard time trying to get everything done lately and my blog posts have certainly been far and few between.  But I’m hoping to be able to better manage my time and get some more posts up!

This year for Mother’s Day I was at a Mother Daughter camp with Madison my oldest.  I had no idea what to expect and chose to do with it Madison because she absolutely loves horses and everything to do with them.  I also thought it would be nice to have some one on one time before baby arrives. She is getting older and I feel like soon she won’t want to do these things.  So for this camp you go for the entire weekend, we got there on Friday night at 8:00pm and we left on Sunday at 1:00pm.  The weekend was jam-packed full of fun activities and bonding time.  Our first night consisted of a meeting with a few games, campfire where we sang songs and listened to a women speaker.  Then we went to the cabin and went to bed around 11pm, wake up is 7:30am.  Now for anyone who isn’t pregnant I’m sure the beds would be fine for you. If you are pregnant and choose to do this, bring multiple pillows and something soft to put on top of the mattress.  For me it was so hard and no matter what I did I could not get comfortable and woke up in pain.

However it was manageable! Maddy and I had our own cabin to ourselves, we had a room next to ours and we had two bathroom stalls, a shower and two sinks.  The other room only had one other mom and daughter so it was not crowded and there was room enough for everyone when getting ready.  Saturday was so full of activities, It was so much fun.  The food here is amazing! We ate so much while we were here! Our day started off with breakfast, then Maddy and I went to chapel and listened to a women speak about some life experiences.  Then we went to rock climbing, which I couldn’t do. Maddy however did and she did so amazing, she  was scared and didn’t want to. We had an amazing group with mothers and daughters and they all encouraged her.  She ended up making it to the top and was so proud of herself.  She then got to go on an hour-long trail ride on a horse, I couldn’t do this either, but I knew she was in great hands with all the other mom’s.  She had a wonderful time and said that this was her favourite thing about the whole camp.  Then we headed off for lunch, after that it was Archery, where Maddy got a bullseye!!! This girl is on fire! Then an hour of horse grooming. We then got to enjoy a beautiful High tea, we had little treats and a cup of tea and just sat and talked, it was beautiful.  Then we got to do riflery which was my favorite! Then Maddy was off for another trail ride!  The rest of the day continued on like this, after dinner we got to do some activities which was sort of like a survivor type thing.  We had to earn points for our team.  One of them was an obstacle course where you had to have a balloon between the two of you and go under tables and over ropes.  We laughed a lot doing this, another was shooting baskets, then a part of it was swimming.  Just having this time with my girl to laugh and have fun, no electronics. To really connect with each other and talk about things, was truly refreshing.

Also listening to the 3 women who spoke over the weekend about tragedies that had occurred in their lives and how they chose to move past it.  It made me realize that life is short, tomorrow is never promised.  We need to live in the moment, having fun, laughing and enjoying the little things we take for granted.  Once we are gone our kids aren’t going to remember us stressing about getting certain things done, or being too tired, or the days we weren’t our best to them.  They are going to remember those moments where they laughed with us, played games and made memories.  The times we were there for them when they needed it.  Everything else in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter.  Not only did I have a fantastic weekend with my daughter, I also learnt a huge lesson. Yes I was absolutely exhausted to the point where I could barely walk Saturday night, but I would do it all again just to make those memories that Maddy and I will always have.

It has truly brought us closer together and made us both realize that maybe we should lighten up on each other.  Maddy also brought up that she would love to do this again with her sisters as well. How much fun all of us would have together. So we are going to be making this a yearly event! A mother daughter camp for all of us to connect with one another and spend quality time together.  If you are looking for something fun to do with your daughter I 100% suggest checking out Timberline Ranch! You will love the Mother-Daughter camp. A full weekend just for the two of you!

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