The best kept secret for Breastfeeding Mama’s

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that it has been so long between posts.  Life has a been a little crazy with 5 kids,  one being a newborn! However I am finally adjusting to everything and finding time to write again.  I decided to exclusively breast feed my little human, as I did with my two girls.  This time I found I wasn’t making as much milk as I needed, this boy is a total milk monster and eats non stop!

I just found that he was not satisfied and would eat every hour and a half. If you have been a nursing mom before, you know it literally leaves you with no life.  Not only that, but I wasn’t able to pump anything extra because he eats so much.  I was lucky to pump 1 oz from both sides.  Which meant I was the only one able to feed him, it also left my hubby feeling a little left out on the bonding time.  So I started looking into what I could take for more milk production. I have read about all the foods you should eat and drinking enough water etc. I was doing all these things and still saw no difference.

It is a very crushing feeling, when you feel like you can’t feed your child.  Not to mention all the judgement that comes with not being able to feed your baby breast milk.  Everyone knows the biggest saying “Breast is Best”, which I feel is completely unfair to mothers. If your baby is fed and happy that’s all that matters.  Mother’s should never have to feel guilty or ashamed for not being able to breast feed. If you are a mother struggling to make enough milk for your baby, then this is definitely a product you should try.

In my search for something to help, I happened to stumble across an add-on Instagram for a product made my Legendairy Milk. I clicked on it and read through their products and all the reviews.  There are 100’s of reviews on each product and all of them are amazing. I decided to buy a bundle pack which is 3 bottles each of different pills.  All of the ingredients are natural and organic, which I also love. I also love the fact that all of their products are Fenugreek free. I found that Fenugreek made me smell like maple syrup and gave my little one horrible gas.  My favourite is Liquid Gold, I noticed a difference on day 3. I went from pumping 1 oz on both sides to 5.5oz from both sides.  I now have a freezer stash as well as a ready bottle every day in the fridge.  I also notice that my little one is a lot more satisfied, he eats every 3 hours now.  I also notice when I pump that my milk is thicker and not as watery as before. which I think is why my little one stays full so much longer. This has been a life saver for me, I am now taking the next bottle called Milkapalooza it is formulated for Milk Production, Postpartum Edema, Milk Enrichment and Anemia. You take 2 capsules 3 times a day, this one product has 385 reviews all 5 stars!

They have 12 products and each of them are a little bit different. We all know that not everyone is the same, so something that may work for me, may not for someone else.  This way you can mix products and see which one works the best for you.  I have just ordered a 2nd batch of pills.  I got a 90 day supply and trying a new one that I have not tried yet.  I will continue to update this as I try their different products.  My goal is to get enough of a stash to be able to feed my little man until he is 12 months.  The catch is I would like to stop at 8 months, So I’m hoping this goal is realistic. You can find this product on  image1-21

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