Nulife Living Food Cafe

Nulife Living Food Cafe

A friend of mine had suggested this little cafe, I am so glad she did. I have never had such an amazing coffee before. The one thing that really amazed me, all drinks are made with their in-house made almond milk. For me this is huge, as no one in our family drinks dairy. We all drink Almond milk. More often than not a lot of places don’t carry Almond milk, so many times I have gone for coffee and left without it. Not at Nulife, my first sip of my Latte absolutely blew me away. I got the Nutty Cafe Miel, It was amazing. With every sip you can taste the nuts and cinnamon. It tastes so incredibly fresh, like nothing I have ever had before.
I desperately wanted to go back, My gf and I went yesterday for lunch. Again I had the Nutty Cafe Miel as my drink, it was even better than I remembered it the first time. For food I ordered the Organic creamy garlic dill zucchini pasta. It was absolutely delicious and so filling. They do an amazing job at this cafe. Everything is freshly made and tastes heavenly. I honestly want to take everyone I know to this little spot. Another bonus, they also have kids meals. Which is also very nice, I eat very healthy and I love to have my kids eating healthy as well. I would much rather take my kids to Nulife for some amazing treats or lunch then to Tim Horton’s. I already told Sophia that I will bring her here for our next date day!
If you are in Coquitlam, you have to give this place a try. They are located on Glen Dr, you will not be disappointed. I also can’t wait to take my sister-in-law here. She is vegan and I already know that she will love this place. If you do try it out, let me know how your experience was! Have a wonderful Friday everyone, Happy Friday the

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