A room fit for a Princess

For me as a Mom, it is very important that each of my kids have a room that they love. Their own little bit of space that is just for them. A place they can go whenever they need to escape whatever daily troubles they may have. They all have their own themes for their rooms.
Sophia wasn’t really sure what she wanted, how ever she is my little diva. I wanted to give her something that will last her for a quite a while. Anyone who knows Sophia, knows that she is an old soul. Anything and everything that I love, she loves. Including shopping and a shoe addiction….oops, sorry Dad.
For Sophia she wanted to do pink in her room because it is her favorite color. I got a dresser from Craigslist and painted it black and pink. She has a huge doll house bunk bed that we got years ago. Our two older girls had it for a while, then it got passed down to Sophia. I decided not to put a mattress on the bottom. Instead I set up a little living room for her. She has a little cheetah print couch, TV (Apple TV), a little 3 drawer stand and a lamp. I also put up a picture behind her couch. I also set up a vanity table for her, which is perfect. It is so nice to have a spot to set up all her hair things. She also uses it as a desk, when she wants to do school work or drawings. I found a shag pink carpet at the Brick, which matched everything so nicely. I also set up a little sitting area, found a super cute pink chair at winners for $99. As well as 3 cute pink mirrors that I set up on the wall behind the chair. I built one of those 9 cube storage shelves and put it in her closet. She also has little pink boxes to store her stuff in and Olaf toys boxes for all of her stuffed animals etc.
In the top of her bed she has her Trolls bedding set and some really cute led flower lights across the top. She puts the lights on over night so she doesn’t get scared of the dark. I also put in an oil diffuser, she has it going all the time. At night I use the Yoga oil from Escents and it helps her sleep. We have also set up an Amazon Echo assistant in her room. She can play music on it, ask it to read her stories. It also sets an alarm for 7:00am on weekdays, so I don’t have to go in to wake her. At night when she is trying to sleep, she plays kids music on the Echo.

I love Sophia’s room, she loves it and she spends a lot of time playing in it. It still has a bit of a grown up look to it. Let’s just hope that her favorite color stays pink.

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