A Cupcake Party

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone is doing fantastic and enjoying this nice weather we are having.  My birthday party throwing is finally over, until next year.  Sophia had kind of a low key birthday this year.  I was planning her’s and August’s at the same time.  I always find it tough for her birthday being in August.  Most people are away for the summer so she doesn’t have a lot of friends show up.  We are thinking of possibly doing next year’s birthday in September.

Sophia decided that she wanted a unicorn theme birthday this year! The place she decided to have it, was at The Clever Cupcakes in Coquitlam.  We had already done this with Madison a couple years back, so she knew what to expect.  She had such a good time with her friends.  They all got chef hat’s, decorated a cupcake box. They went back into the kitchen and learned how to make the cupcakes.  Than they came out and ate pizza and had drinks. I ordered pizza and had it delivered from Papa John’s, it was really good and we did two large and still had about 5 pieces left over.  Once they finished eating, they each received two cupcakes! 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla.  The host’s taught them how to make fondant decorations.  Then they taught them how to make the swirls of icing on the cupcakes.  Once they finished this, they were given a few minutes to decorate both of their cupcakes.  They took one of Sophia’s cupcakes to the back and put edible glitter and more sprinkles on it.  They came out with it and sang Happy Birthday to Sophia.  At this time, they had a tea party, all of the kids got juice and were able to eat one of their cupcakes.  The other cupcake that they didn’t eat, they put into the box that they decorated, to take home.  The host’s were great, they

For goody bags this year, we did something a little different.  I don’t know about you, but I hate getting all the toys that the kids never play with or the whistles that they blow on the way home from the party.  I figured instead of giving a bunch of sugar and useless toys, we would give cookies.  I had Julie from Cuppycakes by Julie make Sophia unicorn cookies.  They were in their own packaging so we just put two cookies each into cute unicorn bags I found at Party City.  Super simple and easy, everyone loved the cookies! It was nice, not having to worry about a cake either. It just kept things simple and that is always a good thing.

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