Yumbox ; The best lunch kit

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is excited for Easter long weekend! I know I am! I have just discovered this product. I honestly cannot believe that I have not been using this for years.

We have been having some issues with Sophia. She eats very large portion sizes. I have been trying to teach her that she needs to eat all of the food groups and smaller portions. Then I found the Yumbox the other day. Wow, this thing is amazing and I love it.

For any of you that don’t know what the Yumbox is, it’s a lunch kit. Not any lunch kit, it actually has a removable tray with the 5 food groups and portion size for that food. It is life changing! Especially now that Sophia’s school has asked that no packages be sent to school with their food.

The Yumbox comes in different colors and have different photos on the food group trays. The only problem is that they are very young-looking. My older kids love that they have the different sections, but don’t like the pictures in the bottom. Sophia loves it! It’s so easy to fill up in the morning, as well as for activities. It helps her eat healthy.

We have been putting yogurt in everyday, today she got some syrup with her whole wheat waffles. Nothing leaks!! The lunch box has a rubber tray on top that seals each section of food. It works, nothing spreads to other sections or leaks out. They are a little expensive at $41.99 for the smaller one and $47.99 for the bigger one. I think it’s definitely worth the price. What I really love is how easy it is to clean. The tray comes out so you can wash it and then wash the box separately. It’s still compact and fits nicely into a small backpack, leaving lots of room. Sophia loves picking different things every morning for lunch. Today she had whole wheat waffles (cut in strips), syrup. Grapes, carrots, yogurt and natural turkey pepperoni sticks. She eats everything and says she feels full until she gets home. This is a big win for us! I’m looking in to seeing if I can get one for the other kids that don’t look so kid friendly.

I just had to share this with everyone! As I wish I had known about this little gem. I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend. I purchased mine from Lagoon Baby in Maple Ridge. You can also order from the actual website Yumbox

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