Pink Diamond lifting face mask

image1-32Hello everyone, I have been busy trying out a bunch of new products, thanks to my bestie for hooking me up.  I am on my second pink diamond face mask. Facing the truth, I need all the help I can get right now, with my face.  Most nights I’m so exhausted that I just go to sleep.  I can see the difference in my skin and I am slowly trying to make sure, that I start taking care of myself again.

The Rodial Pink Diamond Lifting Mask can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart. A package of 8 is $90.  The mask smells really good, it is a light pink color.  It is easy to apply, just make sure to remove both of the the covers (one on each side) before placing on your face. The instructions do not make it clear that there are two sides to remove.  On my first mask, I wan’t aware until half way through that I hadn’t removed the second one.  You leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, when you remove it, rub the extra residue into the skin.

The ingredients in this are not fantastic with Alcohol being the 5th ingredient. It does have grapefruit in it, which means vitamin C. It also has Hyleronic Acid,  although it is one of the last ingredients so it’s not a very high percentage.

After removing the mask my skin seems plumped up, as well as tighter.  It also has a nice illumination to it, like I have highlighter on.  The mask also sticks nicely to the skin, you can continue on with life while wearing it.  I was busy making my kids lunches and having coffee.  After doing a couple, I do love the results. I’ve noticed that once I have my make up on, my skin looks incredible.  These are definitely going to be a part of my beauty regime.

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