Fabulous Fabletics!

After a week from hell I am finally finding some time to write another post!  The week started out with my little one getting the stomach flu, then myself, my oldest and my middle daughter.  It’s been fun to say the least, although it looks as though everyone may be on the mend!

Today I am doing a review on the workout brand Fabletics.  I joined as a member almost a year ago, to be honest when I first started I wasn’t that thrilled about it.  First you must understand that if you sign up as a VIP, they send you an email once a month at the beginning of every month.  You must choose if you wish to skip or shop for the month, here is the catch, if you forget to skip they will automatically charge your card $49 and leave it as a credit on your account.  In the beginning when I first started I forgot a few times and was charged.  But I also had a lot of problems, I couldn’t log in to skip or shop and customer service couldn’t seem to offer any help.  Which was very frustrating to me, at this point I just wanted to spend my credit and cancel my account, if I could ever actually get onto their site.

I ended up spending my credit and the next month was only a couple of days away, so I waited and pressed skipped and this time it actually worked.  I haven’t had any issues with the site for the past 4 months. It is super easy I just press skip month and it’s done and no credit taken.  Now for the clothes, I love them.

They have matching outfits, you get a lot for your money. Most of the outfits start at $49.99 and you get two pieces.  Over half of my workout clothes are Fabletics, every time I wear them to the gym or out for hikes I always have people saying they love them.  The thing I love the most is that they are good quality. I haven’t gotten a single pair that you can see through.  All of my leggings have been squat tested with heavy weights and any leg workout you can imagine.

Plus they also have really cute sweaters, awesome colors and patterns, shipping is really quick. They also have amazing dresses, I have one and it was one of my favourite things to wear last summer. Sizing fits true to size, I find the small sports bras run a little bit on the bigger side, but pants are true to a small.

If you are looking for an affordable workout gear that has high quality, you will definitely enjoy Fabletics.

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