Review of C + C Molr Whitening Factory


Hello everyone, I have another product review for you! I have been using so many different products that I love.  However I haven’t taken the time to write about them yet, So get ready for lots of reviews in the next bit.

Firstly if you are anything like me, then white teeth are a must! All my life I have been very lucky and always had very white teeth.  That was until a couple a years ago when I started drinking coffee.  Then I started to notice my not so white teeth.  I have used Crest White Strips, which work great.  However I hate having to apply them and then waiting an hour each time, it just seems like it takes a lot of time.  I also start to get sensitive teeth when I use them too much.  When I first saw an ad for charcoal teeth whitening I was very intrigued.  The fact that you just brush your teeth with it, how much easier can it get?

The number one thing that I love is that  C+C uses all natural and organic ingredients. They use a blend of Organic Coconut Shell Activated charcoal. The medical grade Activated charcoal in this product claims to not only whiten your teeth but also detoxify your mouth and gums.

The instructions are pretty simple, it comes with a toothbrush. You just wet the toothbrush and dab it very lightly into the charcoal.  I always tap my toothbrush to take off any extra that may be on it, if I dip it in too far. Then you just brush your teeth for 2 minutes! Once you finish you just rinse your mouth out and wipe down your lips, as you may have some black on them.  You do this twice a day, I did it for about a week and noticed how white my teeth were.  Now I just use it 3 times a week to maintain, If I forget or I notice they aren’t as white. I will just go back to doing it twice a day until I reach my desired results.

It is nice and simple, do be careful when opening as some of the charcoal will fall out. I usually open over my bathroom sink and it’s super easy to wipe it off or swoosh it off with water.  one package lasts about 3-4 months depending on how often you use it, I’ve had mine since December and still have tons left.  The Ingredients: Activated Charcoal (made from raw coconut shell), Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic Mint Extract.

So if you are looking for a nice and easy way to keep your teeth white, look no further! This is your answer! It can be ordered from


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