The French Press

Wow I’m already feeling as today will be a productive day! I’ve made some vegan orange and cranberry muffins for the kids to enjoy this weekend.  I’ve done 3 loads of laundry already and have some chicken marinating for tonight’s greek dinner that I’m making!  I’m also getting the chance to sit down now and write this blog post!

If you are anything like me and love having your coffee in the morning, then you need to know about the French Press.  To be honest until 3 years ago, the only kind of coffee I would drink was lattes and anything filled with sugar.  I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee!  Then I started working out really hard and realized that I needed to cut out that sugar.  At the same time hubby got me a Tassimo for my birthday.  Because I don’t drink dairy I started looking into alternatives to flavour my coffee.  That is when I stumbled across Silk Almond Coffee Creamer.  Which is amazing, it has little sugar and you don’t need a lot to give your coffee a nice flavour.  From then on, I have been hooked, every morning my day starts with a cup of coffee.  I went to a friend’s house and she made me a coffee with a French Press.  The difference in the flavour was amazing. I thought to myself “why am I using a Keurig?”

I kept telling myself that I needed to get myself one, but then I get busy with the kids and forget.  However last weekend, I made it a point to run to Bed Bath and Beyond and grab myself one.  I was going to get the Frieling which was around $124 but decided to go for a cheaper one, just to make sure that I really do like it and will use it.  I got the Bonjour 8 cup French Press for $49.99.  If you are wondering what the difference is between a French Press and regular drip coffee maker.  A French Press has no filter you put your coffee into the bottom, pour boiling water over top of it and place the plunger at the top and let steep for about 4 minutes.  You then slowly push the plunger down and it traps the coffee grounds at the bottom.

Because of the fact that a filter is not used in the French Press the coffee keepsits robust natural flavour whereas with a drip coffee the filter actually filters out that flavour.  The French press also retains more oils from the coffee grounds. You really can’t beat the flavour that comes from the French PRess.  When I am in a pinch on school mornings I still use my Keurig as it is super quick.  I love the French Press for weekend mornings or even after I have dropped the kids off.  It is so nice to sit and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee that holds so much flavour to it. So far my favourite coffee grinds are Starbucks caramel flavour!  If you know of any good ones, comment on here and let me know what I should try.  66023111548c

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  1. OMG yaaaaasssss! I’ve been using one for years and I’ll never turn back. (And that Silk almond creamer is da bomb, right?) Not sure if you know this already, but a french press works the best with coarse ground coffee.

    If you ever go to Vancouver Island, go to a Serious Coffee (a chain only on the island) and grab a bag of Three Amigos coffee. It’s my absolute fave and I’m so excited whenever my hubby comes home from a trip to Victoria with a bag of it. I’m enjoying some right now 🙂


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