Soul Mates

Normally I’m used to listening to all my kids running around, dogs barking and hearing “mom” a thousand times while I write my posts.  However today I write with peace and quiet staring out a hotel window, into the beautiful LA sun.  Today’s post is a little different.  Today hubby and I celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary, of course we have been together for almost a decade but finally decided to make it official last year.  He is without a doubt my soul mate, the definition of a soulmate is:

1: a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament

2: a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs

I have been thinking a lot about when we first met, how little our babies were and how incredibly different our lives were.  I never imagined I would find someone like my hubby, but when I met him it was literally love at first sight.  A feeling I have never felt before in my life, almost like dropping on a roller coaster.  Accompanied by intense heart beating an ear to ear smile and knowledge of knowing some how we would end up together.  It was like I just knew, don’t ask me how, it was just a feeling.  As we get further into this, I can’t imagine life without him by my side.  We support each other and our dreams, we help each other reach our goals and we are there for each other when we fall.  When we are wronged by others we turn to each other for comfort and support.  When times get tough, we stick together and push through together, I always know without a doubt that he is there for me anytime I need it. The same goes for him, I would drop anything if I knew he needed me.

I hear of a lot of relationships where people drift apart over the years or they don’t have the same connection as when they first met.  For us I feel like we fall more in love, we grow together.  We laugh and smile daily, we love each other and we do little things for each other each day because we want to.  We are closer, stronger and more in love then we first met.  I never thought it was possible to find this, when it is your soul mate it is easy.  Of course, every relationship takes work and you have to find a way to reason with each other and see each other’s point of views.  You still have to allow each other time to be yourself and do what you love.  Just because you are together, doesn’t mean you have to do everything together.  I want my kids to see our love for each other and have it be what they look for in a relationship.  Someone who treats them with dignity and respect, someone who loves them more than anything else in the world.  Who always let’s them know how amazing they are to be with.  Our kids constantly see us cuddling, holding hands, hugging and sometimes we put on music and dance together.  I always see them staring at us with huge smiles on their faces, it’s almost as though they can feel the love around them.

I feel the love around me daily, every time I look into his eyes or hold his hand or he holds me in his arms.  I know I am super lucky to have what we have and that not everyone will find this.  But I do believe in soul mates, somewhere out there is that one person who will make you believe in every fairy tale you ever heard or read.  Someone who will give you butterflies and make your heart skip a beat 9 years into your relationship.  If you had asked me if I believed in soul mates before I met him, I probably would have said no!

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