2017 Is almost gone!

Hi everyone, Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Things have been rather crazy in our household with Christmas and sickness. My son ended up getting chicken pox and hubby and I caught a horrible flu.  I spent Christmas eve in bed unable to get up or do anything. Thankfully my hubby saved the day by making the turkey and stuffing. None the less, we still had an amazing Christmas, surrounded by family and wonderful memories.  I’ve been thinking back on 2017 and just smiling at how many wonderful things have happened this year.

The most amazing part is how happy the kids are. They are so settled, they have great friends, things to do all the time. They are happy and healthy and for me, that’s more than I could ever ask for. This year I was able to go with my hubby to LA numerous times, we attended the PGA awards, we got married in Malibu, we went on a family vacation. This year has been one that I will never forget.  While I have been sitting back and reflecting on the year, I notice how much I am surrounded by love on a daily basis. Love from hubby, the kids and my animals. I know I have days where I get frustrated but I’m slowly trying to tell myself, to look at the good things.

If I had to pick one thing we did this year that stood out as my favorite thing, well obviously our wedding. But our family vacation is right there with our wedding. We took the kids and went to Shuswap Lake, we rented a house boat for 7 nights and sailed around the lake.  It was so incredibly fantastic, we taught the kids how to fish, we jumped off the boat and slid down the slide (including hubby and I). We rented a ski doo and bombed around on it and took the kids tubing! We would find different beaches to dock every night or couple nights. We had Tim’s sister come and join us, which was also super fun. We spent nights in the hot tub staring at the stars, we saw so many shooting stars. We spent days on the beach having water fights and swimming, building sand castles. No phones or electronics, just peace and nature.  At some points it felt like a dream. Laying on the beach while the kids laugh and play in the water, having nothing but mountains, water and forest as far as the eye can see. I don’t think I have ever seen the kids so happy. Of course there were a few scary times as well, where one of our stakes came lose and the boat almost tipped sideways. However we managed to get it back in and fix everything. We also had one night where a massive storm rolled in and the waves were insane. I won’t lie, I was terrified! I also got very sick, the boat was literally being pushed back and forth non stop. Me and poor Belle (our puppy) were laying on the couch looking pretty green for a few hours. Luckily it went away and we didn’t end up encountering another one while we were on the water.

To me that was the greatest of 2017. All together, having endless amounts of fun and smiling, creating memories that will last a life time. Of course bombing around on a ski doo by myself for the first time ever, was insanely fun. I won’t lie, I was scared and pretty sure I screamed every time I hit the gas! I can’t wait to do it again. So now I sit here and create goals for myself for 2018 to keep myself accountable. You can be sure that one goal is to have a 2018 family vacation!! What were some of your favorite memories of 2017?

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