Kodiak Cakes


Hello everyone,  Sorry for my absence. It has been a little crazy in the Marlowe house lately. How ever I am setting goals and going to be keeping myself on schedule! There will be a lot more posts!

I feel like I have to share this with all of you. I feel like my American friends will already know all about this. My Canadian friends, not so much.  I recently purchased a 12 week training and meal program from a worldwide coach. I asked if there was some kind of protein pancake recipe that she had.  That is when she introduced me to Kodiak Cakes.

I had never heard of them before, I was super happy and surprised when I found a huge box of it at Costco. It is made with healthy ingredients and whole grains. Here is the real kicker, all you do is add water. It is so easy, they taste absolutely amazing. Honestly I would take these over home-made any day.  The part I really love is that they have protein and fiber in them. A lot of times I make them for breakfast on my leg days, they give me the energy I need to power through my workout.

My kids also share the love for Kodiak Cakes. I make them pancakes and waffles anytime they want them. I even made them before school last week! That should tell you how quick they are (I have time for nothing, in the mornings). They also have a recipe on the back for muffins, my kids go crazy for them.  I usually do up a few batches and then put them into freezer bags. That way when we have activities and limited time to eat, I just grab and go and the kids get something filled with protein and fiber after their activity. The recipe calls for two banana’s, if you have a child who doesn’t like banana’s you can make them without and just add blueberries or something else they like.  They still turn out just as good.

If you check out Kodiak Cakes on Instagram you will see that they have many different flavors. As well as all kinds of recipes.  The only bad thing, in Canada I am having a hard time finding anything other than the original mix. I did just order a box of the dark chocolate mix, mmmm mmmm. I made for them breakfast last week and the kids went nuts.  Sophia would not get up and get ready. The minute she heard me say chocolate, she flew to the table. Then she screamed “It’s like eating chocolate cake for breakfast”. They really do taste like cake, but still healthy and full of protein. I ordered from Amazon and had it shipped to my hubby while he was in LA and he brought them home. The other one I want to try is the pumpkin spice flax.  Do yourself a favor and try these little gems! You will not be disappointed! I am going to be trying some new recipes this week and I will share how they turn out.

Has anyone else tried Kodiak Cakes? I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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