I am sitting here at my computer and all I can hear is silence. With a few snores here and there from Belle and Tj. Everyone is sound asleep, even the hubby. This doesn’t happen very often, I usually spend a good part of my nights putting my kids to bed. Today, I had a successful day. I actually got things accomplished, so for me that is a success!

I managed to get all the grocery shopping done, kids lunches made and the house is clean enough until tomorrow. I find one of my biggest struggles to be keeping a clean house. I swear I drive myself mad, with all the work that needs to be done around here. I hate messes, I have a very hard time when things are not clean. Take a look in my car or house at most times and you would never think that about me. Being honest I am surrounded by mess everywhere I look. wrappers and empty cups, shoes or jackets lying about. The couch blankets strewn all across the floor, along with the pillows.

image1 (1)

Just when I thought that my kids couldn’t get any messier, we get a new dog and she proves she is the best at making messes. Belle chews the basket in the bathroom that holds the toilet paper, she runs around the house with the garbage can in her mouth. While she is running toilet paper and q-tips litter the ground behind her. I will be trying to sweep the floor and she will come and breath on my pile shooting it in all different directions. Most likely Tj is right there with her or the two them walk around me or stand in my way and almost trip me as I am trying to vacuum or sweep. If the kids are home, I will spend all day cleaning and they can literally have it back to a disaster in 10 minutes. .  is so hard for me when I spend hours cleaning, leave the house for one of the kids activities and come home to it looking like I did nothing at all. I always wonder if anyone can see my head explode or if it’s just my imagination.

Being that I hate messes so much, I have been getting and making chore charts for myself. Will they work, as long as I stay consistent and keep doing the work. I just find on long days when we don’t get home from Jiu-Jitsu until 8pm. By the time I feed the kids dinner and get them into bed. I’m so exhausted that all I want to  do is crawl into my own bed. Another huge help, my kids! If they actually do their chores, the house looks amazing. They get allowance at the end of every week if they do their chores everyday. Which almost never happens. My biggest hurdle? the internet and their electronics. Hubby just installed an app that allows me to shut off the internet on their devices!!! Hallelujah, now the only time they get internet is after I have checked to make sure all of their chores are done.

I am not sure if all of this will work, If we can do this. I will be the happiest woman on the planet. I will post an update and let you know what I use as chore charts and how things are going with this!!

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